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Nico serves pro bono as the Chairman of Missing Children SA. This is a non profit organisation that assists authorities when a child goes missing for any reason whatsoever. As with physical trauma, the first 24 hours of a child’s disappearance are the most crucial. By activating and co-ordinating a network of volunteers, multiple media platforms and other organisations, we facilitate the authorities and act as intermediary for parents or guardians with the single aim of recovering the children before they come to any harm.

'Around 5 years ago I joined Missing Children SA as an ambassador to help raise awareness for the organization. Whilst reading a book titled 'the Shack', about a fathers painful, emotional and spiritual journey following his daughter's abduction and murder, I was deeply moved and decided to become more involved on an operational level. Soon after that I was appointed as Chairman of the Board, a position which I currently hold and sincerely cherish.' 


Rapid Response Unit - We activate our social networks and access various media platforms as soon as an incident is reported. We also guide parents/guardians through the correct protocol to streamline the process from reporting an incident to recovery of a lost child and since time is of the essence in all cases.

Constant Monitoring of individual cases, liaising with investigating authorities and serving as intermediary between authorities and parents/guardian.

Awareness Campaigns where we strive to educate both parents and children in an effort to prevent incidents from occurring in  the first place.

Since MCSA is a non-profit organisation we rely soley on the goodwill and generosity of individuals and corporate entities. In an effort to raise funds for the organisation we have created a SMS donation service.

To donate R 10.00 just SMS:

'FIGHT' + your name + surname to 42141

 For more information about MCSA and how to join the war against human trafficking, women and child abuse click here